Residential thermographic inspection services

Heat loss

Reducing heat loss will help you save on the cost of heating and cooling your home. It will also improve your family’s comfort and health while reducing your impact on the environment. Since heat loss can come from many sources, thermography is the ideal tool for identifying where and how serious the problem is.
With the help of a high-performance infrared camera mounted on a drone, we analyze your heat loss by seeing where air infiltration and exfiltration occur.

Water infiltration

Water leak detection ensures that water infiltration does not damage the structure of your home. However, Homeowners often don’t know how to find a water leak in a home, causing them worry and stress. They often turn to a plumber not realizing that plumbers will often have to open up a wall to find a leak. Luckily, water leak detection with a thermographic imaging camera does not require invasive or destructive inspection, so the building remains intact and there is no mess to clean up afterward.

A thermographic water infiltration inspection will detect humidity that not only causes mold but can lead to rotting wood which then attracts carpenter ants. Our experts use a thermographic imaging camera for reliable and accurate water leak detection.
We also use our expertise to help you navigate the insurance process efficiently. To ensure that all damage is correctly identified and assessed, it is essential to have a report from a neutral and independent expert. Our specialized water damage inspection offers a comprehensive and impartial assessment, providing you with all the information you and your insurer need.

Building envelope

Our thermographic building inspections can inspect not only your building’s interior but its entire envelope, including foundation, façade, finishings, etc. For example, acrylic siding needs periodic inspection to find out if moisture is present.
Our inspections identify problematic areas and can guide homeowners toward preventive maintenance that can be performed to limit future damages. You’ll receive detailed reports with an up-to-date audit of the current state of your building.

Roof inspection

Periodic inspections of your roof help you extend the life of your roof and control costs. Changes in the climate can be demanding on your roof, and even without any interior leaks, infiltration between layers can cause material degradation and possible mold growth.
When replacing your roof, thermographic inspections can identify the areas that have been damaged. You can then replace only the insulation that was affected and save significant sums of money.

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