Commercial thermal inspection services

Heat loss

Reducing heat loss with a thermographic inspection helps businesses save on the cost of heating and cooling their commercial buildings. It will also improve the comfort and health of your staff while reducing your impact on the environment. Since heat loss can come from many sources, thermography is the perfect method for identifying where and how serious the problem is.
With the help of a high-performance infrared camera in the field or mounted on a drone, our team of experts will analyze your heat loss by seeing where air infiltration and exfiltration occur.

Water infiltration

Water leak detection ensures that water infiltration does not damage the structure of your business. However, business owners often don’t know how to find a water leak in a building. Luckily, water leak detection with a thermographic imaging camera does not require invasive or destructive inspection, so the building remains intact and there is no mess to clean up or costly repairs.

A thermographic water infiltration inspection will detect humidity that not only causes mold but can lead to rotting wood and other problems. Our experts use a thermographic imaging camera for reliable and accurate water leak detection.

Building Envelope

Making sure that the roofing, siding, foundation and finishes of your commercial building are in good condition is of utmost importance. However, accessing certain parts of the building can be difficult or costly, so we offer an innovative solution: our certified drone pilots can create a digital, thermographic reproduction of your building. This cutting-edge approach helps you monitor and control maintenance costs accurately and cost-effectively.
By harnessing the advanced technology of aerial thermography, you gain knowledge of the condition of your building envelope, enabling rapid and effective detection of potential problems. This method not only saves time and money but also increases the longevity of your infrastructure by facilitating preventive interventions.
Rely on our expertise to keep your property in top condition while optimizing your maintenance expenses.

Roof inspection

Periodic inspections of your roof help you extend the life of your roof and control costs. Significant changes in temperature can be tough on a roof, and even without any interior leaks, infiltration between layers can cause material degradation and possible mold growth.
Unfortunately, access to a roof can be problematic so we harness the advanced technology of aerial thermography and use drones to inspect and identify deterioration or breakage in a roof. This innovative approach helps you monitor and control maintenance costs accurately and cost-effectively.

Electrical Inspection

An electrical inspection using thermography is a predictive maintenance method that detects potential problems in electrical components, such as defects in connections, insulation that is deteriorated or system overloads. It uses heat distribution pictures to measure the varying temperatures of electrical components including switches, transformers, motors, breakers and more, to detect overheating. Once issues are identified, corrective actions can be taken.
Many insurance companies will require this type of inspection to ensure all electrical equipment is safe and functioning well.

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