Find hidden problems without damaging your home

With a thermographic inspection, we make the invisible visible so you can stop worrying about what’s lurking behind your walls.

What is a thermographic inspection?

Thermography is used in building inspections to detect invisible building problems such as water infiltration, heat loss and more! We use thermal imaging cameras, drones and analysis software, to inspect roofs, interiors and exterior walls without damaging the building.

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Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is safe and in top condition. Our thermographic inspections deliver accurate and reliable results without any damage to your property.


Get a complete view of the condition of your property, including all building structures and finishings, including hard to reach areas like roofs. React quickly to prevent problems and keep maintenance costs down.

Benefits of thermography

Identify the sources and extent of damage caused by water, mold, humidity, etc. without opening walls or ceilings.
Locate areas with insulation problems, heat loss or thermal bridges.
Prevent the risk of fires, breakdowns, failure or short circuits by checking the condition or roofs, electrical and mechanical installations, foundations and structures.
Keep repair and maintenance costs low by detecting hidden problems early and intervening quickly.
Using drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras, even difficult to reach areas are examined for a comprehensive inspection of the property

What our customers are saying

The experts at the Canadian Thermography Centre were able to pinpoint the source of my water infiltration quickly without damaging any of my walls. They were efficient and helped me understand the process every step of the way.


Canadian Thermography Centre used drones to inspect the roof of our building and uncover hidden problems. We were able to react quickly and avoid costly repairs. I recommend them highly.


I had been searching for weeks to find a way to inspect my home without tearing up my walls. I’m so happy to have found Jacques and his team. They walked me through the process and explained everything to me.


.I am so thankful to Jacques and his team for their guidance and advice in dealing with my insurance claim following some water damage. They really know their stuff and saved me a lot of time and frustration.


.I was so impressed by the detailed report I received following my thermal inspection. Everything was organized, easy to read and understand and it came with all the supporting documents and a list of recommendations.

Why choose the Canadian Thermography Centre?

The Canadian Thermographic Centre specializes in detecting thermal anomalies. Our thermal inspections offer peace of mind by detecting hidden problems that may be lurking behind walls and ceilings without damaging a building’s structure.

Our expertise

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